Christopher is back

Tulips” is the name of Christopher’s summery fresh single. It carries a hint of what to look forward to in the next album of the Danish pop star this winter.

”I imagine ‘Tulips’ being a track you’d want to listen to when you get up in the morning. It’s playing in your earphones when you bike through the city, when you are on your way, going to work or to school. You sing along to this tune coming home, when you’re cooking, just hanging out or when you go out. It has this happy summer feel and a cool swing to it,” Christopher says.

The lyrics are about apologizing.

”The guy messed up; he’s aware of it and says ‘I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you.’ There are many different ways to apologize – by kissing, sending flowers or other
ways to express your apology.”

Tulips” has already aired at some of this summer’s concerts, Grøn Koncertamong others, where the 23-year-old singer-songwriter was one of the main attractions.

Tulips” holds a promise of more to come.

Christopher is currently recording a new album, which will be released this winter. Once again Frederik and Fridolin Nordsø are his collaborators; songs have been produced in Los Angeles as well as in Stockholm.

His first two albums have both been widely successful. Christopher’s songs have been streamed more than 80 million times and his album “Told you so” was number one in Spotify for more than 50 days after the release date. The title song as well as “Crazy” received 2 × platinum, “First Like” and “CPH Girls” 1 × platinum.

Christopher’s breakthrough was cemented when he received the awards for Best Pop Album of the Year, the Audience Award as well as the Best Club Name of the Year (Brandon Beal – “Twerk It Like Miley”) at the Danish Music Awards in 2014.