Nordic popstars Christopher and Madcon join forces

Christopher is in a soulful, finger snapping mood on his new single ‘Limousine’. The Danish pop sensation is joined by two upbeat, rapping Norwegians.

“The song has the same optimistic sound as ‘Tulips’ and both songs represent some of the ingredients, you will hear, when my new album is released” Christopher explains.

The rapping on ‘Limousine’ is delivered by Madcon, the popular Norwegian duo well known for their funky2015 hit single ‘Don’t Worry’. In the original demo it was actually Christopher himself, rapping the whole song. But in the final version, he has been joined by Madcon, who is providing extra energy, tight flow and fresh rhymes.

“We exchanged ideas and music online. I first met Yosef Wolde-Mariam og Tshawe Baqwa when we wereshooting the music video. The chemistry was there in an instant. They are really great”.

‘Limousine’ is the follow up to ‘Tulips’, one of the biggest Danish hits of 2015. It enjoyed massive radio play and was streamed more than 10 million times on Spotify.

The next chapter of the Christopher saga will be written in the spring with the release of his third album. The finishing work is still going in cooperation with his close partners Frederik og Fridolin Nordsø.